Monday, January 23, 2012

Street 1 Cafe

The first time I went to Street 1 Cafe with some friends, I asked my sister what I should order and she said Italian Chicken.

On subsequent visits, I have mostly ordered the same thing. And I'm not one of those people who always eats the same thing and never tries anything new.

It's just that nothing else on the menu sounds to me like it will be half as good.

I went to dinner the other day with my family and not only did I order Italian Chicken for myself, I ordered it for my dad too.

The Italian Chicken is quite a large serving as well with two breadcrumb-coated chicken fillets topped with tomato sauce, mushrooms, black olives and cheese, served with penne pasta in a delicious creamy sauce.

The Thai Red Curry (Chicken) was really good as well. The coconut curry was creamy and well-spiced. Some Thai curries are too spicy for me but I thought this was just right.

The Mexican Burger was good, as chicken burgers go; a grilled chicken fillet topped with cheese, lettuce and salsa. The only problem was that the bun started to break and fall apart, making eating the burger a bit of a problem.

Street 1 is quite nicely decorated, marble floors and beige upholstery on the ground floor, wooden floors and rich blue upholstery upstairs. The best thing about this place is the big comfy sofas instead of dining chairs.

Woven ball lights above the stairway...

Street 1 Cafe is located in Kohsar Market, F-6.

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