Friday, August 10, 2012

New Day, New Blog, New Cake

When I decided to start a food blog I struggled with what I should call it for a long time. I delayed telling anybody about it until I had "the" name. Then I finally I put the blog up as it was (Sahar ka Food Blog, it was called) and told some friends and family about it. How long was I going to put it off? I'll change the name when it comes to me, I thought.

Well, it didnt come to me.

Until now, that is.

The Saveur magazine website has a section called Sites We Love where each week a new blog/website is featured. Every blogger is asked, "Why is the site called --- ?" I read every one, wanting to know how other people came up with names for their blog, hoping to be inspired.

But the blog was starting to get neglected and I wasn't really inspired. So as I started to rethink the blog I realized it had to feature more baking, more cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies. And as I started to think about all this it just popped into my head: Chai + Cake.

I guess it's still not that special or clever or cool. But it just makes more sense to me and its more personal. Anybody who knows me knows what a tea junkie I am and how much I love to bake. So Chai + Cake it is.

So obviously the first post has to be cake right?

Well this, my friends, is what you call a chocolate fudge cake.

When I first saw the recipe for Wellesley Fudge Cake on Serious Eats I couldn't wait to make it.

It's a really rich cake and the frosting recipe is a bit tricky, but it's totally worth it. Follow the recipe exactly, don't leave the frosting mixture alone while it's cooking and use good-quality dark chocolate. I halved the cake recipe and baked it in two 7-inch sandwich pans, and I halved the frosting recipe as well. However this cake will disappear fast so making the full recipe isn't a bad idea.

The fudge frosting is the best I've ever eaten and is what really makes the cake stand out. My sister asked why we needed the cake at all. "Couldn't we just eat the frosting on it's own?"

It seems like the kind of cake one ought to wait to make for a special occasion, but I guess finally coming up with a blog title I'm happy with is something to celebrate, isn't it? 

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